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Happy Birthday, Worldwide Handsome!


It’s that time of the year, everyone! Seven times a year, we celebrate the blessed births of each of our favorite boys - Bangtan Sonyeondan. This segment, brought to you by yours truly, will feature BTS events that I’ve attended for each member’s birthdays in New York City. BTS’ birthdays are always more exciting than my own, and it’s always nice to come together with ARMY. A huge thank you to all those who put in so much time, effort, and energy into planning and hosting these events! 

The beginning of December is always a pretty good time. It signals the beginning of the end of the year, it’s cold enough for you to kind of like winter before the snow gets disgusting, and it’s about to be peak hot pot season. But it’s also a pretty good time because it’s Jin’s birthday. Kim Seok-jin really needs no introduction (which is what I’d like to say for pretty much all members of BTS, to be honest), as we all know him as the eldest member of BTS and Mr. Worldwide Handsome. You may know him for literally being scouted while walking down the streets of Seoul or his beautiful song about animal companions, “Tonight” (or from him hosting the 2018 KBS Song Festival, his Eat Jin VLIVES, his BT21 counterpart RJ, or his hilarious award show etiquette... I could go on and on). His kindness, talent, humor, and beauty are well known amongst fans; in this thesis, I will-- just kidding, but as I said, Kim Seok-jin really needs no introduction. 

December 4th, 2019 marks the day that Kim Seok-jin turns 28. BTS birthday celebrations usually involve free photocards, a customized cup sleeve for whoever’s birthday it is, specialized drinks for the duration of the event, and a whole lot of BTS playing in the background. Lots of people end up coming to the cafes to hand out freebies and showcase their fan art, which only adds to the fun of it. You always discover something new. 

Last year, I was still in San Diego, where there were no birthday events for any of BTS’ birthdays. Now, they have multiple events for each member’s birthdays (which kicked off with Jungkook’s this year), and I’m sure they had one for Jin. But I’ve since left California and settled into New York, where there is an abundance of birthday celebrations for BTS. From cup sleeve events to dance events, there are enough parties to last two weeks (even! photo! exhibitions!). Imagine my excitement.

Sadly, due to my work schedule, I could only make it to two events for Jin’s birthday. Though I wished for a more exciting beginning to kick start this series, this unfortunately will have to do for now. But hopefully this series will keep me accountable for going to more events, not that I need much incentive to as I would go to all of them if I could. 

Both of these events happened to be at Luna Coffee shop, but were two separate events.  

1. November 30th - December 1st

Luna Coffee Shop, 121 W 29th St

Cup Sleeve event 

@ippihobihobi @alittlebraver92 @paperkookie

I came to Luna Coffee for the first time at 4pm on a Wednesday. Located between sixth and seventh avenue on 29th street, Luna coffee shop has a relaxing, home-y feel to it. With warm yellow light and brown-toned furniture, the cafe has an inviting atmosphere that makes you want to sit down and have a chat with your closest friends. So it’s more or less the ideal place to spend a BTS birthday, especially when the cafe is decorated with photos of BTS. 

And that I did. I met my friend Mindy here for the event, and I arrived a bit before her to happily discover that there was no line. I ordered a caramel hot chocolate, one of the four drinks that were specifically crafted for this event. After I paid, I received my very first Jin photo cards from a cafe event and a Jin cup sleeve. With a gradient of dark purple to light and white outlines of roses in the background of the cup sleeve, Jin still stands out with his glorious purple hair (a great time period for us stans). His violet hair contrasts the dark purple in the background, and it actually feels like he glows from the cup sleeve at some angles. His birth year and date (1992/12/04) is written in white horizontally behind him, and the “Happy Jin Day” written in the top left corner makes for a minimalistic but moody cup sleeve. 

Mindy arrived a few minutes later and orders the same thing, and, while we were waiting for her cup sleeve, someone approacheD us with Taehyung and Jin (Taejin) photocards. Taehyung’s birthday is conveniently at the end of the month, so ~naturally~ we have joint cafe events for them as well. Glossy and HD, the photocards are now stuck on my wall as part of my ever growing BTS collection. I wish I asked for everyone’s names (or Twitter handles) so that I could give thanks and keep track, but there’s always next time ;). The back room of Luna is decorated with photos of Jin-- on the walls, against Luna’s own framed art display, ON a full size display stand in the corner, and even his name in light up block letters on a side table. Mindy and I made a round to take photos, look at BTS fanart, and soak up the glory of Jin. After we’d taken photos of everything, we sat down to catch up (and talk about BTS) for two hours. Then two more at Grace Street Coffee. 


2. December 6th - 7th 

Luna Coffee Shop, 121 W 29th St

Cup Sleeve Event 

@beaugguks @yooongles__ @letsgukit

Though I was at Luna for another Jin birthday event, it somehow felt like a completely different experience. Maybe it’s because there were more people or maybe it was because I was with more friends, but the atmosphere this time was even more lively than the last, as Luna was completely packed on this chilly Saturday afternoon. Carolyn and I walked over together, and when we got there the line was already close to the door. I was particularly excited about this event because I had seen the sleeve design on Instagram and Twitter prior to the event already, and the cup sleeves had Jin as an angel with! angel! wings!!  So I really, really wanted to own this sleeve. I mean, look how cute it is! Perfect deco for my BTS wall. Even as we were waiting in line and for our coffees, people were sweet enough to offer us more photo cards and stickers.

As I’d done last weekend, I went around the back room to see what decorations were around. Against the right wall was a cute little photobooth with Jin’s name spelled out in silver balloon letters and roses dangling around it. We took a couple pictures there, because it’s honestly pretty hard to resist. Add a few props (which include a cut0out of Jin’s face and one of his savage comments on Weverse) and we’re 100% sold. There were even RJ cushions and dolls to take pictures with-- cuteness overload. 

While we were waiting for our drinks, we saw a group of people with fluffy BT21 baby plushies. We knew we had to ask them where they bought them because they’re frigging adorable, and lucky for us they told us it was stocked at the LINE store! So that was naturally our next stop. Did we buy the BT21 baby plushies? Yes. Did we also spend money on a bunch of other cute crap at the LINE store that we weren’t planning on buying? Absolutely. Another BTS filled day that began and ended happily.  

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a lot of the other events, but I promise I’ll make it up to you all (and myself) for Taehyung’s birthday. I’m also quite new at this with the abundance of events here in New York, so please bear with me as I navigate the glory of having too many options (not at all a complaint). As there is a birthday event literally every weekend in December, I’m sure to attend at least half of them. After all, what better way to spend a weekend than with BTS and ARMY?