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Some kids give you baby fever. And some inspire your F/W20 lookbook. 


Harajuku Pink Princess - COCO @coco_pinkprincess 

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Coco, a bona fide fashion influencer with 690K followers on her Instagram account, grew up in Harajuku, Tokyo’s fashion district where style acknowledges no boundaries. In the 1980s, the local youth started to dress in quirky, colorful outfits that were both wildly unique and distinctive of the region’s choice to blend Eastern and Western, formal and informal, masculine and feminine influences. 

9-year-old Coco certainly inherited the spirit of her hometown. Her style is eclectic and full of personality: she mixes and matches different layers from her mom’s buyer store to create interesting, one-of-a-kind looks. Coco is edgy, detail-oriented, and a just little bougie, but her tastes reflect a sort of cutesy, childlike wonder appropriate for and nearly exclusive to her young age. The only rule one might extract from her Instagram feed is that from head to toe, there is no such thing as too many accessories. You go, Coco. 

3 year-old Mirror Selfie Master - AH-IN LEE

First of all, let’s take a moment to admire her selfie-taking and modeling skills. Only three years old, Ah-In is already serving us a relaxed, positive, and comfortable fashion image. Her style is dreamy: low saturation, soft fabrics, lush puffy folds. She is truly the indie queen that we wish we could be. 

Boy in Chanel - HUDSON KROENIG @hk0712 

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Who would be lucky enough to have his outfits custom-made since the age of 2? The answer is Karl Lagerfeld’s godson (of course) Hudson Kroenig (ugh, and of course he has an absolutely luxurious name, too). This 11-year-old has been modeling for Chanel for nine years - a more mature career than many decades older. He’s also been a regular member of the high fashion society for so long that even off-duty he looks like a little gentleman as he is on the runway. 

Ultimate LA Duo - Kingston & Kaui @kingandkaui 

Brother and sister Kingston and Kaui are definitely two of the coolest LA kids on the street. By pairing common streetwear brands and sneakers with some unique and funky items, they’re teaching us that the best combinations are eclectic and hand-chosen. 

Supergirl - Dear Giana @g.von.g 

At just ten years old, Gianna is not only a fashion influencer, but an artist and designer as well.  For Gianna, the keyword is “and,” not “or.” She can sew a dress and rock an outfit; she can piece together a collection and design a collection. Similarly, her style can be sweet and cute; elegant and chic; edgy and sporty -- often all at once. We all hope to develop multitudes to our personalities throughout adulthood, but Giana seems to have things figured out - and everything else left purposefully undefined. 

IT Girl - ZOOEY MIYOSHI @zooeyinthecity 

When your schedule includes shooting editorials and campaigns, attending fashion shows and movie premiers, and collaborating with other influencers and artists, you’re typically an A-List celebrity with decades of low-level credentials and a storied hustle (or heir to the fruits of a recent ancestor’s labors). But Zooey Miyoshi is a refreshing, delighted recipient of such opportunities, representing a new generation of It Girls. 

“Alter Ego” - IVAN ZINKO @thegoldenfly 

Born a London boy but raised in Tokyo (already the makings of an origin story of an *icon*), Ivan embodies the very spirit, albeit a miniature version, of luxury street style. Typically clad in Supreme, Air Jordans, and clutching his skateboard, Ivan seems otherworldly (he has a “creative director”? an “owner”? what?), but fascinatingly so. Whatever world he’s in, we’d like to be a part of it.