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From miserable men to massive designer handbags, we found the Instagram accounts you never knew you needed to follow


Instagram is a digital wonderland: a picture-filled universe at our fingertips where we can find out everything that’s happening in our friends’ and families’ lives, and to update them on ours. We even use it to do online shopping, stay on top of world news, and, if you’re anything like me, get sucked into watching cat videos for an hour (or four).

But beyond the hundreds of selfies and IGTV clips we see popping up in tiny squares by the minute, there are some accounts that figured out how to stand out among the 95 million posts being shared each day. They may be weirdly specific or just plain bizarre, but one thing’s for sure: they’re wildly entertaining to scroll through. 

Here are five Instagram accounts you never knew you needed to follow:


We all love shopping...well, most of us do. @miserable_men documents the plight of men all over the world who mistakenly agreed to accompany their partners on a shopping trip. Their account is dedicated to capturing these poor guys, undoubtedly miserable and full of regret. 

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Waiting patiently? Or crying himself to sleep?

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While most photos show these men fast asleep on department store couches or helplessly forced to carry purses and bags, some of the best content on @miserable_men shows that in many cases, they’re not alone.

They might be bored out of their minds, but at least they’re all going home with relaxed muscles.

Sing it with me: we’re all in this together, once we know, that we are, we’re all stars [of Instagram], and we see that.


The retail world is full of knockoffs: fake, illegally-distributed replications of authentic products from big brands and franchises. These bootlegs often change the spelling of brand names, or alter something about brand logos to set themselves apart from the real deal. 

However, the goods shown on @bootleg.snake take things to a hilarious new level. This account is a hidden gem, showcasing the most catastrophical and disastrous off-brand stores, toys, shirts, shoes and electronics that commit crimes way worse than just spelling “Adidas” or “Nike” incorrectly.

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Harry Potte.

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Hm, either I remember my childhood very differently, or I’ve forgotten that the main story arc of the Harry Potter series is not his fight against Voldemort, but instead his fight to suppress his inner popstar.

This looks like one of those “so-and-so walk into a bar” jokes. At least they got one right.

One might argue that these could just be innocent mistakes, the unlucky result of confusion or ignorance. But there are bootlegs that are so downright ridiculous I have no idea how anyone could’ve come up with them.

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Predigy Pat, use Lightning Strike?

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 And then, there are some things we just wish we could unsee:

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You can see the fear in his bootleg eyeballs.

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 In which two things that have no business reproducing somehow… do.

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Delicious. 😋😋😋

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You probably enjoy bread, but chances are you don’t love it as much as @breadfaceblog, who has amassed a large following of ardent fans who tune in to watch her do exactly what her username says: smash her face into different kinds of bread.

She “breadfaces” a wide variety of carbs, from popovers to sourdough, to biscuits, donuts and souffle pancakes.

The anonymous performance artist behind @breadfaceblog has been featured on websites like The New York Times and Vice, and has even breadfaced at art festivals across the nation. Her popularity might be a mystery to some, but there’s no denying that there’s something oddly satisfying about watching her plant her face into soft dough. It almost makes me want to try it for myself, but usually by the time I remember, I’ve already eaten it all.

@breadfaceblog is also not afraid to get (really, really) messy, as you can see from this video of her drenching her face in chocolate syrup. I’m more concerned about finding out what or who can make that many pancakes for me and how I can get ahold of them ASAP.

@thebigbagclub and @itsmaysmemes

Size does matter. This statement is the fundamental premise for accounts @thebigbagclub and @itsmaysmemes, who edit photos of celebrities and models to make them look like they’re wearing oversized clothes and accessories. And I don’t mean oversized as in, a few sizes too large. I mean “this-could-swallow-me-whole” oversized.

Incredibly fun to look at, these photos feature mainly jackets, shoes and bags from designer brands such as Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Dior and Burberry -- only supersized. @bigbagclub’s creator, Milan-based graphic designer Virginia Rolle, was inspired by real-life trends of extra large designer bags, while May, who is behind @itsmaysmemes, edits photos with the intention of drawing attention to particular pieces, as well as to make people laugh, of course. How could this picture of P.Diddy nonchalantly drowning in his fur coat not make your entire day?